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AV Vote and destabilising the coalition.

Tweet I have heard a few Labour folks tell me that they are considering voting “No” principally because they hope to destabilise the coalition and hopefully bring forward a General Election. The view was espoused here on Labour List by … Continue reading


22. April 2011 by Ralph Ferrett
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Why Labour and Unions must campaign for AV

Tweet I am going to make an assumption here right from the start. And that is most people reading my blog are probably coming from an instinctive left wing/liberal persuasion. And I ask readers who fit into that category to … Continue reading


17. November 2010 by Ralph Ferrett
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Papal visit is price of Liberal society.

Tweet I am not a “believer” (‘cept perhaps a misplaced faith that Plymouth Argyle will one day pay in the top flight) and in fact I describe my religion on Facebook as an “evangelical rationalist”. It is perfectly fair to … Continue reading


16. September 2010 by Ralph Ferrett
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