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My hit list for 2014

Tweet So having bored those foolish enough to read to tears with my valedictory 2013 in review blog, I thought I’d go all in and try and crank up the boredom to 11 with my what is effectively a “New … Continue reading


03. January 2014 by Ralph Ferrett
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My take on Google Plus

Tweet   So this Google Plus is the new black right? I may not be a devoted follower of fashion, but as a full on Neophile I cannae resist a new technology-ey thing! And seeing as all the cool kids … Continue reading


12. July 2011 by Ralph Ferrett
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Why you should always backup up cloud data

Tweet Looking back I probably ought to have seen the warning signs, things that indicated Weycrest were not the gold standard of webhosting. There were some problems with their own website and when I tried to contact them to ask … Continue reading


15. June 2010 by Ralph Ferrett
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