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Electoral reform and the Left.

Tweet I like to play games. Video games, board games, card games, passive aggressive games with neighbours about the bins/parking spaces, the “Blame game” with my Branch treasurer when anything goes wrong at work! One of the things I notice … Continue reading


13. July 2016 by Ralph Ferrett
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Why Labour and Unions must campaign for AV

Tweet I am going to make an assumption here right from the start. And that is most people reading my blog are probably coming from an instinctive left wing/liberal persuasion. And I ask readers who fit into that category to … Continue reading


17. November 2010 by Ralph Ferrett
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Yes to AV, Yes to Equal Constituencies, but not like this.

Tweet I am a long standing and passionate supporter of electoral reform. I feel that our current system of voting is manifestly unfair and skews our public policy agenda in favour of the few and not the many. The alternative … Continue reading


29. July 2010 by Ralph Ferrett
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