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For those wondering about GetRalphADate

Tweet So obviously I had made a helluva lot of noise about #GetRalphADate at the end of last year, lots of blogs, lots of tweeting and that. And to be honest I have been pretty quiet of late. A fair … Continue reading


02. February 2014 by Ralph Ferrett
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My hit list for 2014

Tweet So having bored those foolish enough to read to tears with my valedictory 2013 in review blog, I thought I’d go all in and try and crank up the boredom to 11 with my what is effectively a “New … Continue reading


03. January 2014 by Ralph Ferrett
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Hey 2013, I shall miss thee….

Tweet So sometimes you have good ones and sometimes you have bad ones. 2012 for me had been a pretty crummy year. Not exactly an annus horribilus certainly not a vintage year. My grandfather had died after a long illness; … Continue reading


31. December 2013 by Ralph Ferrett
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