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Electoral reform and the Left.

Tweet I like to play games. Video games, board games, card games, passive aggressive games with neighbours about the bins/parking spaces, the “Blame game” with my Branch treasurer when anything goes wrong at work! One of the things I notice … Continue reading


13. July 2016 by Ralph Ferrett
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Unions should say YES to AV.

Tweet Whatever we all think about politics I am sure one thing that we can all agree on is that things have not been all that peachy in respect of our relationship as ordinary people with our MPs in Westminster. … Continue reading


04. May 2011 by Ralph Ferrett
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AV Vote and destabilising the coalition.

Tweet I have heard a few Labour folks tell me that they are considering voting “No” principally because they hope to destabilise the coalition and hopefully bring forward a General Election. The view was espoused here on Labour List by … Continue reading


22. April 2011 by Ralph Ferrett
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