Vegtember: Masterchef Invention Test

Had a late finish at work tonight and some ingredients that needed eating up. I had little idea of what to cook, walking home it struck me…. why not do a Masterchef style “invention test”.

So I got all my ingredients out, set the timer for half an hour and came up with the following. Now I have to be honest, I didn’t stick to the 30 minutes it wasn’t ready and I realised that rather than being on telly in a prestige cooking competition I was alone in my flat cooking for myself; and that therefore rather than sticking to my ridiculous and arbitrary rules I was going to let the egg fried rice cook properly before eating.

Lovely Wheat Beer

This was served with some Wheat Beer, I got three different types from Morrisons on the way home from work. I was planning on having a taste off, but in the end decided I didn’t want a hangover tomorrow.

So I am going to finish of the Wheat Beer taste test tomorrow after going to the Farmers Market. Might see if in town I can get a few more different Wheat Beers to make it a bit more interesting.

An how my invention test is below. In truth it didn’t quite work,  though the spicy egg fried rice has some real potential and I think I will look to develop the recipe. The Pak Choi stuff was a variation on the theme of a quick snack I often cook but it didn’t really work as a main dish. Probably needs a little something extra, a couple of pals such a Jodie, @lillicat23 , unkindly suggested it would be good with some steak…. grrr…

Oh well here we go….

What I came up with

Invention Test.


Egg Fried rice


1 Egg

1 Red Onion


Cayenne Pepper


Black Pepper

Tomato Puree

Olive Oil

Pak Choi Red Pepper Stuff

1 Red Pepper

1 Large Pak Choi

2 Cloves Garlic

1 Chilli

Thumb Grated Ginger

Soy sauce

Nam Pla

Black Pepper

Sesame Oil

Start off by boiling then draining the rice. Next up finely chop the red onion and start frying it in some olive oil on a slow heat in a frying pan. Chop up the chilli finely and put into another pan with some sesame oil, the garlic and the grated ginger and start to heat, when it has cooked for a minute or so add the peppers and continue to heat.

Next beat the egg and have ready for use. Then chop the Pak Choi, I like to separate the crunchy stalk form the green bits so you get two types of consistency. Add to the peppers and put in some with some Soy sauce, Nam Pla, and some ground cumin.

At the same time add some more oil oil to the onion and turn up the heat so it is hot, add the rice, a squeeze of tomato purée, a teaspoon of cayenne and paprika and get this thoroughly mixed in. Once this is thoroughly mixed in and the rice both very hot and nicely red add the egg and cook for a minute or so until the egg is cooked.

Add some lemon juice to the Pak Choi and peppers and serve.


10. September 2010 by Ralph Ferrett
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  1. I’ve never like Pak Choi. A most distrustful vegetable. Next time, try some lemongrass paste. Breaks up the flavours and makes it a little sweeter. Tis fab with spring onions and ginger.

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