This is the blog, and personal website of Ralph Ferrett.

Ralph is a Trade Union activist with the CWU, having become active as a teenager weeks after joining the Royal Mail to work in their call centre in Plymouth. Ralph is a Political junkie, life time Labour Party support (occasionally also a member and a party activist).

Ralph is a big Football Fan, supporting (though in a far too lax way these days) his local team Plymouth Argyle.  Ralph is a full on internet, video game, and Technology aficionado. It is probably fair to say  that Ralph is a Nerd with a capital N (He knows the rules of AD&D, understands the rank structure of the Federation in Star Trek, and has his own comic book collection) all the same Ralph likes to believe he has social skills and is an outgoing gregarious individual (just one who does not go out much!)

Ralph is also keen cook, having a no longer trim figure to bear this out. No doubt his efforts to balance eating nice food, and somehow stay fit will feature in the blog….

Ralph started becoming interested in blogging after his role on the CWU national youth committee required him to write regular blogs. He decided he owuld like more lattitude to blog on topics about sport, food, comics and film as well as the Activist stuff so decided on starting his own blog.

Lunchtime Legend was chosen as his sobriquet because his little brother Dan thought it was an act of supreme self importance to set up a blog, people who do so being the proverbial “Legends in their own Lunchtimes” and Ralph suddenly had a name for his blog.

Please feel free to leave comments whether you think these posts are pearls of wisdom, or complete and utter tosh. Comments will be gratefully received either way.


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