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I guess having the Dark Lords of the Sith in power again (albeit in coalition with the Lib Dems) after thirteen years was always going to shock the left a little and make us have some slightly atypical behaviour. And for a little while everyone seemed to be focussed on the big job in hand, opposing the unfair, un-mandated, ideological Tory cuts that were coming.

Not that bunch of Splitters

Of course it couldn’t last and the left has now remembered who the *real* enemies are… and that of course is other Lefties who do not agree with exactly what we think on every single issue and in every single way.

And the last couple of months have seen ideological purity spats rising up all over the place, from the attacks on Aaron Porter, to the Rentoul mob Labour right attacks on Ed Miliband to the National Shops Stewards Network to the power struggle in the UCU union.

Clearly different people on the left want different things. It is unrealistic to expect the social democrats within Labour who want reform of the status quo, to agree with every thing a Revolutionary Socialist Party like the SWP who want to do away with capitalism want to do and say.

But what I can’t understand is why fight each other, why not those working toward revolution (good luck with that BTW, I advise you all to keep breathing in the mean time!) do the things they want to do and work together with us flakey Social Democrats where we do agree?

I guess it is a utopian dream to expect this, but I was kinda hoping all the same!


Over on Facebook I was challenged by a pal about me always taking a potshot at the left of Labour groups on Lunchtime Legend. Which is frankly a fair cop. Part of my response, which I think is relevant here I have reproduced:-

“A serious point though I am genuinely mad at the left of labour groups for the factionalism, splintering and petty ideological purity stuff. The reason being is they let the Labour party off the hook.

If there was an organised but pragmatic left it would hold Labour to account and probably move the political centre leftwards (in the same way that UKIP are an effective check on the Tory left and centre).

That is why I am amazed that non revolutionary lefties don’t all join the Green party. They are solidly left, well organised and credible. That is the future, and until something along those lines happen then Labour for all the myriad faults is the only game in town.”


07. January 2011 by Ralph Ferrett
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  1. I think you’re points on the factionalism are valid. Look at where all the splitting has got the Protestant church, f’rinstance, or – closer to home – Unionism in NI. Where we don’t get much of an opportunity to vote Labour, and yes, I voted Green last time 🙂

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