Vegtember: Using local Greengrocers

Saturday was always going to be tricky for me. It is my normal “bacon buttie” day. I have already said I am a massive carnivore and bacon is probably the foodstuff I love more than anything else in the world. So my first Saturday of Vegtember was one in which I intended to keep myself very busy, and my mind firmly off the topic of various pig related products.

My new toy!

Lots of the vegetarian recipes that people have sent me call for the use of a Griddle pan, a kitchen utensil I had long desired but did not own. Given that I am doing this for the Environment I set out on a mission to get myself one, not for me you understand, I bought this for the greater good! Picture attached, isn’t she lovely!

Next up was to record my latest Video Blog about Vegtember (see below) this Video is about using your local greengrocers rather than the supermarket. I had an unexpected technical problems (my camcorder has seemingly died) so I apologise about the poor picture quality in the “talking head” bit. The camcorder on my phones seems excellent out doors but grainy and horrid in doors. Shall have to look into this in advance of my video about Farmers Markets next week.

Needed to attack the ice monster in my Freezer for the rest of the day so was unable to do any substantial cooking for the rest of the day. So for dinner I just ate the leftover Peanut and Tomato sauce from the other day.

So survived Saturday without going on a meat c razed rampage to the local bacon store. Decided that given the food I am having so far is all pretty healthy I am going to treat myself to some cheese on toast as a bacon replacement next Saturday.

Will be another blog later as I am cooking a load of vegetarian Lebanese Meze for chow tonight.


05. September 2010 by Ralph Ferrett
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  1. Glad you overcame the bacon cravings. Sure it will get easier. Who knows, you might stay veggie for good!

  2. Good for trying displacement activities. But you know, it’s possible the bacon cravings won’t go away ever even if you do decide to stay veggie for good.

    While I was veggie, for around 15 years, I really really had cravings for very very rare filet steak. It was the thing that I absolutely missed the most.

    That and the bacon butties…

  3. Well I am pretty clear in my head that I shall probably continue to east meat after Vegtember. But I am coming around to a position that during the week I am going to be veggie, and just have something nice as a meat meal at the weekend. With the plan of using better quality, nicer meat when I do cook with it!

  4. Where did you get the griddle pan from? I really want one.

    Maybe try eating other smoky flavoured things to satisfy your bacon cravings. Smoked paprika, smoked cheese, you can even get liquid smoke which I use to add flavour to veggie patties.

    • Aha Liquid smoke. I remember seeing something like that once. Shall have to check it out.

      Got my griddle from House Of Fraser, wasnt cheap (thirty odd quid) but I kinda think it is probably a once in a lifetime purchase so worth the money!

      Thanks for the comment Sarah.

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