Vegtember Day One: Spicy Peanut and Tomato Pasta

So, the first day of Vegtember. And I frankly woke up pretty excited about the whole thing, I’d already made my vegetarian lunch for today last night. I had humus, cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion and romaine lettuce sandwiches. Not particularly adventurous but very nice and a good way to ease myself into Vegtember.

Having had a frankly busy day I wanted something pretty easy for dinner. So I decided to plunk for a traditional old family recipe. Pasta with peanuts and tomato sauce but using my little brothers twist of putting in halved green olives. This is a really easy recipe to cook, really tasty, really satisfying and crucially for me is great to take with you to work the next day for packed lunch.

So my crazy plan has now started in earnest. Really pleased that people seem to think it is a good idea, so thanks everyone for all the nice comments on H2G2, Facebook, Twitter, in work etc. And I know a fair few people are also planning on having a Vegtember now!

Spicy Peanut and Tomato pasta

Spicy Peanut and Tomato Pasta ft. Olives


1 onion

2 tins tomatoes

Hefty squeeze of tomato purée


1 or 2 chillies

1tsp Cayenne

1tbsp peanut butter **

10-15 pitted olives, halved

1tbsp red wine vinegar




Very simple to do, fry the chilli onion and garlic until soft but not caramalised. Then chuck everything else in and cook until reduced to your desired consistency. Serve with your favourite type of pasta (Fusili for me) and some salad AND/OR bread.

Best Peanut Butter Ever!

** Have to give a shout out to one of my favourite ingredients which is Meridian Natural Crunchy peanut butter with no added sugar or salt. It is mint, and great for cooking and on toast. Can get it from t’interweb or health food shops and it is well worth a purchase if you ask me.


01. September 2010 by Ralph Ferrett
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  1. That looks really tasty! I love the idea of peanut butter and olives, yum yum.

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